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        1. china translation company

          The earth is on my pen, I can do at my wish!

          The reliable Holy Translation service on the global...

          The headquarter of Shenzhen Holy Translation Co., Ltd (Registered No.440301103708447) is on the high-tech park of Nan Shan District, Shen Zhen and near the Shen Zhen University.
          Established in August of 2002, we devoted into providing the high-end translation services and localization to the customers in global; and we provided the high-end language exchange, science and technology literature, product specification and technical documents translation. Up to this day, Holy Translation has provided no less than ten billions words translation and thousands interpretation and simultaneous interpretation services






          china translation company

          china translation company

          china translation company

          china translation company

          Translation is more than the replacement of one word in the source language with another in the target language...

          Organization of conferences, congresses, seminars, lectures or presentations.a team of professional ...

          We understand how you manage your website, content and systems. We offer flexible solutions, depending on your...

          With a worldwide network of professional studios we offer Foreign Language Dubbing for all territories/regions ...

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